Technical Support


* Activation Process Electrical Equipment can cause interference with Home Phone Connect. Avoid placing Home Phone Connect near other electrical equipment such as refrigerator, television, and/or microwave oven. 1. Insert the battery. Note Refer to Insert/Remove Battery for additional assistance. 2. Attach the antenna to the device. 3. Connect the home phone to the device using a RJ11 phone cable. Note Ensure the home phone is switched to Tone, Pulse service isn't supported. 4. Conne...

SIM Card installation

**TRICUT SIM CARDS (BOOM Red & BOOM Pink)** * Please be sure to keep the pieces you don't use and store them in your devices box or another safe place, you can rebuild your SIM card to the other sizes if needed when switching devices. * Here is an overview of your Tricut SIM Card

SMS/MMS Troubleshooting

Please ensure you have available messages to send in your plan. You can visit your Online account manager ( at MMS & iMessage may require data access. 1. Power off your device, if you have a removable battery, please remove your battery for 30 seconds. Then re-insert the battery and power on. If you do not have a removable battery, just power the device off for 30 seconds. Attempt a test SMS message. If it continues to fail please proceed...