SMS/MMS Troubleshooting

Please ensure you have available messages to send in your plan. You can check on the boom! Monitor by logging into your account here.

MMS & iMessage may require data access.


1. Power off your device, if you have a removable battery, please remove your battery for 30 seconds. Then re-insert the battery and power on. If you do not have a removable battery, just power the device off for 30 seconds. Attempt a test SMS message. If it works, great you're done! If it continues to fail please proceed to step 2.

2. If you have an Android device please download an app called "GO SMS PRO", If you have an iPhone go to "settings, then messages" and toggle iMessage off. then toggle "Send as SMS" ON. Then send an SMS as a test. For Android, if the "GO SMS PRO" app works there most likely is an issue with the device's native SMS app and you will need to reach out to software or hardware manufacturer. If the SMS works on the iPhone it's an issue with iMessage or the iCloud account most likely which requires data access, please contact Apple to resolve this issue. If this resolved your issue great you're done! Otherwise please proceed to step 3!

3. Please contact boom! Mobile support via chat, email us at or call us at 888-869-1141 during our phone support hours.