Update Plan - PrePaid

To update your plan online you can access your online account here. After you are logged in the right hand column has a "Renew Plan" button to purchase a new plan. 

The Update Plan page will look similar to this with plans listed in the first DropDown menu:


Directly below this area you will see the required Regulatory Recovery Fee added and the option to start this plan right away, losing any remaining days (and data) and your current plan to start this new plan. The default option will be to start this plan at the end of the current plan. You may wish to select the top option if you are out of minutes or data and wish to just restore your service. A purchase made with this option will typically be restored within about 10 minutes of completing the purchase.

The lower most area on this page provides you the opportunity to add a Boom Guardian plan to your account and also presents any TopUp options available to you (based on your current network). At the very bottom of this is the "Purchase" button. 

After you click this you will be directed to the payment page and giving the opportunity to pay with a method on file or use a new card (or bank account). The PIN it asks for can be found and updated on your home page.

If this fails or has an error you can reach out to us for assistance by chat, email (support@boom.us), or phone call (at 888-869-1141).

*Please note we cannot take payment information via chat or email for security reasons.