MyAccount Prepaid

AutoPay and Adding Payment Methods

To update or add new card for auto pay, log into your MyAccount ( and go to "Pay Methods". That will bring you to the below screen. From here, any saved payment methods will be listed. If there are none, as in the example below, you can click on the "Add Pay Method" button to add a new card or bank account. Clicking that button will allow you to select between adding a Credit Card or Bank Account from the first drop down. After this the page will update with new fi...

Change Password

Should you need to change your password for your online account there are two methods. First if you do not have access currently, you can click the "Forgot Password" link on the log in page to reach the page below. Put your email address in and click "Send Email" to get a link that will let you set a new password. Second, if you currently have access to your account. You can log in and in the upper right corner, click on your name:

Update Plan - PrePaid

To update your plan online you can access your online account here ( After you are logged in the right hand column has a "Renew Plan" button to purchase a new plan. The Update Plan page will look similar to this with plans listed in the first DropDown menu: Directly below this area you will see the required Regulatory Recovery Fee added and the option to start this plan right away, losing any remaining days (and data) and your current plan to start this new pl...

Changing Contact Information

To change your contact information, including your address or email address. You can click on the pencil on the left column to edit the fields as shown below:

Log In Problems / Registering your Email Address

To access your account online you can go here: On your first visit you will need to make sure that your email is registered for the online account by clicking the "Register" button at the bottom beside "Sign In" Doing so will get you to the following page, where you can enter your email address to register: Should you get an error message, please contact our customer support team by email (, chat (#chat button), or phone call (888-869-1141) so...