MyAccount Postpaid (LD)

Trouble Logging In/ Forgot Password

If you are having trouble logging into your MyAccount (, first make sure your email address is registered for the online account by clicking "Register" as shown below. If it says email is already registered go back and click on "Forgot Password." This will send a link to your email address to update the password. If you do not see the email please be sure to check your spam and junk mail folders. One common error is that the email is found to be invalid, this can ...

Change Address

To update your address online you can hover the mouse pointer over Settings and then click on General Details. On this page you can erase the old information and add your new address. Once you are finished updating your information click the blue Save button.

Viewing Statements/Payments

Log into your Myaccount page, at the top of the page will be five BLUE tabs hover mouse over View and Pay Bills. There you can select to see the past six months of billing statement by clicking on Statements or see all payments made in the past by clicking on Payments. To get your statements click on the download symbol () next to Statement number this will download the file for you to open and view the summary. You can also click on the Notify Me box to receive an email when paymen...

Update/Enroll In Auto Pay

To update or add new card for auto pay, log into your Myaccount ( and go to Saved Payment Profile. Here you can see all cards saved on file for your payment options. If you don't want a card saved on file you or need to erase an expired card you would hit the Remove Button. If you want to add existing card as the new auto pay you would click the toggle button to on. You click the same button to off the stop auto pay on a card. To Enroll a new card in...

Change Password

To reset your password, Log into your Myaccount ( Hover mouse over Settings and pick Profile. This page will display your email address and ask for your new password. Click the Save button to update.