How To Find Your IMEI/ESN

Need to find your IMEI/ESN?

Open your keypad as if you're going to make a call and dial *#06# to have your IMEI show on screen. This trick should work on most smartphones. There are other ways to view your IMEI however.

For iPhones:

- Settings: Open Settings > General > About and scroll down to the bottom to see all the info. This is the most reliable and easiest way of finding your device's true IMEI number.

- iTunes: The IMEI can be found in iTunes sync on your computer, but it's a little hidden. Click on the "Phone Number" label on the Summary page and iTunes will cycle through the identification numbers related to that device. The IMEI number will be one of the included numbers associated with the iPhone.

For Android Phones:

-Setting: Open Setting > About Device > Status 

- On the back: The IMEI number is printed directly on the back of some iPhones or on the SIM card tray. You'll find it in the fine print near the bottom and it's usually one of the last numbers. Be careful using this method because the backplate or SIM tray of an iPhone could have been changed. Refurbished iPhones from a third-party may have had their backplate or SIM tray replaced with an incorrect IMEI or without one at all.

For 3G devices: they are normally located on the back of the battery and may be labeled as a ESN. Please note that 3G devices can no longer be activated on Boom Red.