How to Port to BOOM Mobile

First, Thank you for your business! We are excited that you will be part of the BOOM Mobile Family! We know keeping your number is important! Please follow the flow below to gain how to port to BOOM Mobile. 



  • Obtain your current carriers porting information (account# and Pin). You can use this guide on where to look.
  • Know billing information your current provider such as Billing Name, Billing Address. If your on someone else's account you may need to ask them fo this information. 
  • Hop on chat, call, or email us and let us check your device compatibility

Need help finding your MEID/IMEI....HERE ARE SOME THINGS TO TRY

Try calling *#06# on your device

If this does not work, try the following:

iPhone: go to Settings -> General -> About

Android: go to Settings -> About -> Phones -> Status

Finally, if neither of those steps work, try removing your phone's battery and look for your ESN/MEID on a sticker in the battery compartment


Purchase a plan

Head over to BOOM Mobile's website and choose a plan. 

Associate a device by either purchasing one from us, or Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). 

Once your order has completed, you will receive 2 emails.

  1. Your order "Processed" correctly (We accepted your payment)
  2. Activation instructions *Please note 4G devices will require a SIM before you activate.Your order from most likely included a SIM, you will need to wait for it to arrive. 3G Devices may activate once the Activation email and code are sent. Depending on when your order was processed you may need to wait 24 business hours to receive your activation code. 

Activate Service

Once you received your BOOM Mobile compatible SIM and activation code, or if your activating a 3G device and have received your activation code. You may visit our activation server

You will be presented with 3 choices 

Choose  Request Activation of your boom! Mobile service, IF you are Activating a 4G Mobile Device or Activating a 3G Device or Boom Box Home Phone (Porting or Getting a new number)

Choose Change the information previously submitted on your request to begin the Port process to boom! Mobile IF you received an alert that the porting information you previously submitted came back invalid from your current provider. This will allow you to correct the Porting information. 

Choose Check the Status of your previously submitted request to Port your service to boom! Mobile IF you want to see if your PORT is complete, needs to be updated or if its Pending or completed.